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cambium's Journal

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pretending to be artists is so liberating
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this is a wahey community for geeks like me who spend hours on coreldraw or photoshop creating loads and loads of pretty pictures that nobody ever sees. this is ABSTRACT ONLY, or thereabouts, so I guess nobody will join to showcase their "work," I mainly created this just for me so I can spend ages throwing random computer art images all over the internet.

images must be no larger than 500 x 500 pixels

have some consideration for friends' pages!!! or whatever. yeah. plus comment on everything, even if it's ne-ga-tive. all feedback is positive feedback, as they say.

you can post scanned photos or drawings too- as long as they're vaguely abstract and absolutely not the slightest bit copyrighted to anyone other than you. thieves will be found out and BANNED. heheh. yeah. whatever.

i bet nobody will join...

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